It wasn't until I stepped foot on Florida State University's campus the I realized the endless opportunities to do anything that I loved and the endless bonds created from meeting people. Photography was not something I got into until I met a friend who himself was already a photographer, but he was a photographer that also loved to be photographed. I began snapping shots of him variously with his camera. Him and I both noticed how much of a natural I was at taking photos, he then told me that if I were to take it serious that I would grow to take great photos and i'd become passionate. Shortly after I purchased my first camera a Nikon d700. What does the PDF stand for? Please Don't Forget, this is mainly in terms of all of the people who are counting on you, all those in your corner rooting you on, as well as those who have passed away. It is to never forget that someone cares, to never forget where you come from, to never forget all the things that your family and parents have instilled in you, and to please don't forget your WHY, all formulating into motivation. In under a year I've managed to connect and meet many people, from models, designers, to celebrities, all through my passion for photography growing over time. I am very excited for all the things that are in store for Charles.PDF.